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As we receive student application form, our admission requirement are flexible to account for difference in primary / secondary school educational system. We ask that all parents follow.
admission option.

*Admission from beginning (Nursery)
*Minimum age 3-1/2 till 1st March 2010
*Transfer Student from: Prep, class.
School accept qualified transfer student from other schools.

Admission Procedure:

Please fill out application form which available in the School office .
Make sure that the information given easily readable and that you provide accurate and complete response.
Dear parents, you must include both your telephone Home and office,Mobile ,If you do not have access to telephone at home. please give us the number of a nearby, where you can receive call. Parents which seeking admission his/her child into the school must provide the following item:
1. A complete application form
2. Enclosed child date of birth certificate
3. Enclosed Father National ID card
4. Blood Group test

School leaving certificate In case of transfer student.
Note: The registration fee Tuition fee Term fee must be pay with application form.

Entrance Test for Nursery Class:

* Capital ABC A To F Reading Concept
* Small abc a To f Reading Concept
* Urdu
* Math counting 1 To 5 Reading Concept
* About General knowledge (which bears)
Name, Father Name, where you live, child personality.

Entrance Test for Prep, One ----- 8th:

English Reading Writing Dictation
Math Reading Writing Dictation
Urdu Reading Writing Dictation
About General Knowledge