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House No 114 Shahbaz
Town Phase III, Quetta


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Located in beautiful city Quetta, Pakistan, Bright Future High School is home for the best students! REALLY!! (Masha_Allah)
Our students come from the Different areas of Quetta . Probably, by the time I finish writing this brief introduction, we will have more students representing even more parts of our country.
It is this blend of students and teachers from around the country which, when combined with our marvelous local teachers (almost all of whom have M.ed, MSc certification), makes Bright Future Public High School a truly dynamic place in which to learn. Please get to know us! You can start by "cruising" around our website.

Education in Islam is an obligation on both male and female. We believe that children are the future and any compromise on their educational or moral well being will be detrimental to the future of Islam and will impact on their own future when they will be exposed to certain elements of non Islamic society that are prohibited in Islam.
As Allah (SWT) says: “O Mankind! We have created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know each other.....” (40:13). School’s faculty and student population are multi-ethnic and multi-national. We exist and function as ONE big Muslim family. Our goal is to implement and devise teaching strategies that will encourage students to develop through their natural curiosity and to explore their interest, enrich their identity, develop their abilities, and to put foundation for them to fulfill their roles as Muslims and responsible citizens.
Whenever people gather, it becomes necessary to establish rules which allow them to coexist together in safety and security. First source of responsibility is towards our Creator. Next, we must be responsible to each other as members of the Islamic community. Keeping that in mind we have made some rules and regulations to bring discipline and an Islamic environment in school. Good conduct and disciplined behavior are essential aspects of a Muslim’s life. Islam teaches us to have the best conduct and to display good discipline, as stated by these two ahadith (more or less):
“The Prophet (SAS) was not sent except to teach you good conduct.”
“The best gift a Mu’min can give his child is good manners.”
We seek your support with prayers to Allah (SWT) to make our joint efforts in raising generations of Muslims that follow in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his rightly guided Sahaba, Inshallah.



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