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Class One Speach on Allah



In the name of Allah.The Most Beneficent, The Merciful.
Allah is Yah Hayyu, and Yah Qayyoom.
Respected Principal, Teacher and My dear class fellows,
My Name Is________________  I am from class One

•    Today I tell you about “ALLAH”
•    Allah is one who has created the whole world.
•    He is one and alone. Allah is everywhere.
•    We can not see him but he sees us.
•    He has created sun, moon, star , trees , birds and animals.
•    He gives us life and provides us food.
•    He is the creator of all the things which exist in the universe.
•    We worship Allah and ask for his help.
•    We say prays for him.
•    He listens when we call him.
•    He is very kind and merciful.