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Class 6th Speach on Discipline A Must


In the name of Allah.The Most Beneficent, The Merciful.
Allah is Yah Hayyu, and Ya Qayyoom.
Respected Principal, Teacher and My dear class fellows,
My Name Is________________         I am from class 6th

•    Today I tell you about “Discipline A Must”
•    Discipline in every field of life is necessary for progress.
•    It means controlling oneself and controlling other for a purpose.
•    Our religion Islam teach us Discipline in life.
•    Discipline in our work.Whether we study in class Room or at home,Where we run a
Factory or small business Discipline is Necessary.We can work in a  
regular,Methodical way only through discipline.
•    Discipline in our life, At home, inside the family circle , we need, discipline, the children must obey the parent and each member of the family must do his works in  a discipline way.
•    With out discipline, our life will become irregular and disorderly.
•    Always remember that “Where there is obey, there is no Dismay”