Top Ten Crashes -
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From: bright
Added: 2008-04-01
Category: Bright Videos
Duration: 0:01:29
Video Description: These aren't actually the ''top ten crashes'' of all time. This is basicly just a slide show of top ten crashes I have seen. So any mean/negative comments, please keep to yourself.

Note: I know the music is bad, so keep your thoughts of the music to yourself I know it isnt my best piece of work...

Note: I got alot of you posting comments on my video saying that #2 and #6 are the same crash, THERE NOT THE SAME!!! and even if they were, It wouldnt matter because both crash occurances are different, one is just a crash and later on the jet becomes on fire and if any of you think im ''cheating'' on this video just message me and ill take it from there

Note: These are not fixed crashes, they are real crashes that happend in real life and any negative comments saying that these crashes are fake will be removed,

Note: I have way more crash pictures, theres are just some of the crashes i used to be in my montage, and yes, the last one is still basicly a crash...

Song - B-laze - Belly Jumper - Melik Techno

Please rate and comment :), enjoy!